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മനോജ് വലഞ്ചുഴി

അജേഷ് റാന്നി

ജയദാസ് പുന്നപ്ര

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    റെജി തിരുവല്ല

    ഹരി ശില്പി

അരുൺ നടരാജ്

മനോജ് പൂത്തോട്ട

വിനീത് എരമല്ലൂർ

അശ്വിൻ വിജയൻ


Infotaiment10 months ago

YouTube becomes India’s fastest growing market

Abhiramy R India is one of the fasting growing markets for the digital industry. In India, Google is synonyms for...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Whatsapp to deny screenshots of Private chat?

Abhiramy R Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is testing an ‘Authentication’ feature which would bar users from taking screenshots of...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Is TikTok ban in India causing $500,000 daily loss?

Abhiramy R Ban of an app can cause these much? We have heard news like, TikTok App is banned, then...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Watch videos with your friends: Instagram is testing new feature

Abhiramy R Instagram is transforming. Facebook is working on adding a number of new features to the popular photo-sharing app...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Triple folding iPhone to beat Samsung and Huawei

Abhiramy R Samsung and Huawei have shown off their folding phone design and are finally releasing it to public. However,...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Amazon launches free music streaming service

Abhiramy R Amazon might launch a new free music streaming service soon, reported Billboard. The new streaming service could include...

Infotaiment10 months ago

AI tracks faster than brain neurons

Abhiramy R Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based automated process that can trace the shapes...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Henceforth YouTube displays news publisher’s govt funding

Abhiramy R YouTube which had launched ‘information panels’ for news-related videos to flag misinformation on its platform said these boxes...

Infotaiment10 months ago

Airtel launches an App for Women Safety: FLO App

Abhiramy R Bharti Airtel in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) on Sunday launched a mobile app, My Circle, to...

Infotaiment10 months ago

19-year-old Boy shot dead while taking TikTok video

Abhiramy R TikTok is facing a lot of troubles. Its existence is being questioned. A 19-year-old man was allegedly shot...

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