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Disability doesn’t matter… Meet this super girl who stitches with legs



Abhiramy R

28-year-old Madhu, a specially-abled girl who sews with her legs, is earning appreciation for braving all odds and not letting her disability stall her dreams.
Madhu was born with a disability whereby both her hands were crippled. Initially, she was not able to walk properly. However, she decided not to let her health condition hamper her dreams, and, instead, chose to use her feet in the best way possible.

Stitching clothes on a sewing machine with her legs, Madhu has acquired dexterity in her job. She said that she wants to open a tailoring shop in Udhampur where she can provide training to specially-abled persons like her so that they may not have to depend on anyone in life.
Although her family was supportive at every stage, she had to fight ‘taboo’ and ‘prejudices’ prevailing in the society.

Speaking to ANI, Madhu has appealed to youngsters to not let anything affect their dreams.
“I just want to learn more of the tailoring, despite the facts that my hands are not normal like those of others I have never let my disability to come into my way. All the people are very supportive and I just want to be happy,” she said.

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From farm field of Wales to street-doctor of Kolkata: Helping hands of Jack Preger



Content: Abhiramy R

Dr. Jack Preger, the one who always kept his first choice to serve people. He helped over half a million to get optimum health care, education and opportunities to turn their life around in a meaningful way.
The life stories of certain people are simply awe-inspiring and that of Dr Preger—from being a farmer in Wales to a ‘street-doctor’ in Kolkata—is one such amazing story.

Jack Preger was born in Manchester in 1930. While pursuing a course in economics and political science at the prestigious Oxford University, his tutor got him interested in third-world economic development. After completing his studies, Preger ran a cliff-side farm in Wales for about eight years.

One day, he suddenly made a decision to pursue medicine and be of service to people in need. And within a couple of weeks, the 35-year-old economist had sold his farm and enrolled in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
His aim was to work in ‘Third World Situations’ but India was not exactly on his mind.

His first choice was actually Latin America. When he was working in Ireland, there was an appeal from Concern, an Irish NGO, for nurses and doctors to serve India. So he accepted the appeal. He had started work in the area where refugees arrived from Bangladesh during the 1971 war. Then, after the surrender of Pakistan, Concern went to Bangladesh.

When he arrived in Bangladesh and started his work, the doctor saw the many evils that were haunting the citizens there. Government authorities did not tolerate Preger’s interference and soon on the corruption, he was asked to leave Bangladesh.

But instead of taking a flight back home, he decided to shift his medical practice to India. He had already learnt Bangla and Urdu, and so West Bengal seemed like a good place to restart his efforts.

With the help of some funds and volunteers, he had formed an organization named as Calcutta Rescue. It is an organisation focused on an organised effort to bring together philanthropists and those who needed their help.
His empathetic nature coupled with his affection for Bengal’s common public motivated him to help anyone who needed it.

Preger points out that there is a very wide social divide between the rich and the poor in Kolkata, the holistic efforts of CR are improving lives at an unchallenged scale.

CR provided healthcare to over 17000 people, supported the education of 700 children and provided clean drinking water to 1500 families. With 150 local staff members and thousands of supporters from across the world, CR spends close to 6.5 crore rupees every year for the welfare of the underprivileged.

At the age of 88, he returned to UK this year leaving Calcutta Rescue in hands of a good Governing Council and a CEO.

May be we cannot do great things… But we can do small things with great love…

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Haimanti Sen: Woman who built up classrooms at Skywalk



Content: Shelja

Translation: Abhiramy R

Meet Haimanti Sen from Mumbai who teaches beggar children. She can be found at the Kandivali station skywalk, teaching the alphabet, numbers, words, communication, and art and craft to over 15 kids, free of cost.

These kids are the children of the beggars who live in a slum in the vicinity. Since May 2018, Haimanti has been on a mission to equip them with the necessary skills that will enable her to enroll them in a regular school under the Right to Education act.

“While travelling to work, I often came across kids begging or simply whiling their time away, and this would make me think about the difficult environment they were growing up in. Did they understand the importance of getting an education? Were they attending school, or even aware of the Right to Education act?”

She decided to visit their families and seek answers to these questions. She got in touch with a school in the area to enrol some of these children. However, there were challenges here as well.

They said, “We can admit them, but neither these children nor their parents care about school. It is difficult to retain them because they remain absent for long periods. If you can guarantee that they will stay in school, then we’ll help you.”

So, she took it upon herself to train these kids and equip them for the rigours of school. From May to October 2018, she taught them on alternate days, but from November onwards she has been teaching them for an hour every day.

Haimanti got a team from her friends and started teaching them. Looking at the teachers, the children make more of an effort to maintain hygiene, comb their hair and look presentable.

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Inspiring… Bold and Beautiful Cancer Survived Bride



Content: Niji

Translation: Abhiramy R

Yes… She is bald, but beautiful. She had cancer, but never given up. She survived, now smiling as diamond from coal.

This woman in a bridal photoshoot named ‘Bold Indian Bride’ shatters all stereotypes and inspires women to embrace themselves and their transformation while dealing with cancer.

Vashnavi Poovanedran, known on Instagram as Navi Indran Pillai, took the social media platform by storm with a series of beautiful pictures.

Cancer treatments have given us a lot of limitations, robbed us of beauty and taken away our confidence. As little girls, we have always dreamt of what our big day will be like and how we would look like as a bride.’

She shared how many brides suffering from cancer give up too easily when it comes to their wedding day and with these pictures she hopes to change that thought.

Vashnavi has fought cancer twice. First was on her breast which she thought had been completely cured after the treatment.

The photographs—taken by photographer Celes Gerard—have inspired thousands of women to embrace themselves just the way they are, flaws and all.
With her pictures, she hopes to send out the word that cancer should not and cannot be the ‘be all and end all’.

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