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Infotaiment23 hours ago

Charge your mobile while walk: These school boys come up with an Innovation

Abhiramy R Four years ago, Mohak Bhalla and Anand Gangadharan, two X graders from Delhi decided to experiment a bit...

Infotaiment1 week ago

Transforming a bane to boon: Black Carbon soot to Water purification

Abhiramy R A group of Indian scientists have come up with a new process which promises to help utilize black...

Infotaiment1 week ago

‘First Question’: A Helpline number any question

Abhiramy R Education begins from home. When a child begins to talk, he/she asks questions frequently. Mamma… Why this is...

Infotaiment1 week ago

30th Anniversary of World Wide Web: Google celebrates with Doodle

Abhiramy R World Wide Web (WWW) is the application that built upon the innovations like HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)...

Infotaiment1 week ago

Rent a Boyfriend App: A Modern solution for Depression

Content: Abhiramy R Depression… Loneliness… The common issue which most of us are facing, especially youngsters. Check out Rent a...

Infotaiment2 weeks ago

A Selfie from Moon by Beresheet

Content: Abhiramy R An Israeli spacecraft on its maiden mission to the moon has sent its first selfie back to...

Infotaiment2 weeks ago

Google’s Bolo app: Hindi tutor for children in India

Content: Abhiramy R Google’s brings a new speech-based reading tutor app ‘Bolo’ in India for children. The freemium Bolo app...

Infotaiment2 weeks ago

5 year old falls under the hack of Momo and she became creepy like Momo

Content: Reesha Translation: Abhiramy R Sam Barr reveals that her five year old daughter has fallen under the hack of...

Infotaiment2 weeks ago

Tik Tok to pay fine of 5 million dollars for age violation

Content: Reesha Translation: Abhiramy R Tik Tok bans children below age 13 from use of the app. The lip-syncing app,...

Infotaiment3 weeks ago

Have a smart sleep with smart mattress and smart pillow, get your Sleep-IQ

Content: Reesha Translation: Abhiramy R A good sleep really something so important for our life. It is a blessing, especially...

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